Industrial Plastic Packaging

At Jebplus, we place a high priority on innovation and social responsibility. We are constantly striving to develop newer and better designs in our industrial plastic pail range, with the aim to manufacture products that are not only durable and environmental friendly, but also easy-to-use. All our products can be decorated using the silk screen or heat transfer methods.

We currently have two products in a range of sizes, with a third product coming up very soon. All our products are versatile enough to be used in a number of different applications:

- Paint and Coating

- Lubricants

- Inks & Checmical

- Construction materials

Food Grade Plastic Packaging

Besides industrial pails, Jebplus also manufactures food grade plastic pails for packaging to various kinds of food industries. To date , we have supplied to various well established food companies, both locally and internationally. All our plastic packaging products are made from Food Grade Polypropylene and are free from mercury and lead.

As an experienced plastic packaging manufacturer, we understand the importance of hygiene and good quality products for all food customers. Hence, we have invested in a clean room environment specially dedicated for the manufacturing of the containers for the food customers.

Heavy Duty Flower Pots

Jebplus Heavy Duty Flower Pots are crafted with durability in mind, our sturdy plastic pots are the preferred choice among orchid and flower farmers. Featuring a tapered design for easy storage and pot changes, along with irrigation holes to support optimal root health and accelerated plant growth. Our Heavy Duty Flower Pot is a reliable and reusable option, designed to withstand rigorous use without deformation, while remaining fully recyclable for a sustainable gardening experience.

Enhance your gardening journey with our trusted Heavy Duty Flower Pots

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